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13 March 2011 @ 01:49 pm
Time for new underpants  
I decided today to have reheated pasta for lunch. Nothing very novel there; I often lunch on reheated pasta. I put the pasta into a bowl, covered the bowl, put the bowl in the microwave, and hit the "GO" button.

Then I practically shat myself with fright.

At the precise instant I hit the button, somebody right next door started hammer-drilling into a concrete wall.

For just a second I thought the microwave was about to go up in a mushroom-cloud.

Ah well, I suppose it brought a little colour to an otherwise pretty boring day. What next, I wonder? Perhaps it's time to start collecting together the shattered chaos that is my workroom.... it wasn't that tidy before the quake, and now, well, it's quite a mess. Quite a mess.